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Examples of Newsletters and Newsletter Formats

Community College newsletter (external)

This community college newsletter has international corporations as its audience. With this target you might well assume the newsletter has to be sophisticated graphically with clear writing. You'll find both in the publication. Note the header on page 1 carries through graphically across all pages. The designer has even varied the design of the page headers, but the message is concise: World communication. The simple 2-column format makes color blocking easy as you'll see on the inside pages.

On page 4, note the article laid over a washout of a flag. This technique is easy to accomplish. In Microsoft Publisher, for example, simply insert your picture and then right click. Choose Format Picture and then choose the Color tab. Choose 'washout'. Modify the degree of the washout repeatedly until you are satisfied with the results. The key is the background can't overshadow the type you will put over it. Try a sans serif type to overlay on the picture for less confusion to the eye.

Download the pdf here

Organizational newsletter that uses one primary spot color

This organizational newsletter uses bleeds for its graphic elements. A bleed is printed matter that seems to run off the page. A bleed is created when the publication designer intentionally uses art or graphic elements large enough that they run off the page. The printer then trims the finished paper to that the edges of the art do not show. A bleed can be expensive for this reason. In this case, blocks of green run off the end of the page first, for the nameplate at the top and then at the bottom. On the inside pages, the same green is used throughout in varied densities. The newsletter uses color extensively, and effectively, since it has virtually no other art or photographs.

Download the PDF here

Client/company newsletter with extensive photos and graphics

This newsletter, called Good News, is produced by PagesMag.com for our customers. It comes to subscribers as you see here, completely filled in. Our subscribers then use it as a starting point for their own newsletter (changing whatever they wish and adding their own articles and art) or they use it mainly as-is. It is a good example of an attractive design that is nonetheless accessible to the non-designer. The block layout inside makes plugging in new articles easy, while allowing room for individual creativity.

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